4 Benefits of Being OHSAS 18001 Certified


Occupational Health and Safety Management systems or OHSAS are actually applied worldwide. This consists of plans, policies and practices of the company for handling and at the same time, managing occupational health and safety matters. The beauty of such system is the fact that it is able to adapt on the requirements that the business or company needs it to.


Having certification OHSAS 18001 proves that the company has met all the legal requirements and has a safe workplace to do their business operations at the same time. There are many benefits of securing such certification like the following:


Number 1. Create a workplace with low risk of accidents and professional diseases - companies that have decided to adopt into such standard strives for zero work related diseases and accidents. This standard provides framework in regards to trying to identify occupational health and safety hazards while doing their best in reducing risks associated to it. As a matter of fact, the OHSAS 18001 provides the tools needed to identify the dangers while further enhancing employee's awareness of the risks that are associated in their job.


Number 2. Following the standards reduce odds of accidents significantly - this will help a lot in terms of improving accident reporting and even post accident processes which consist of monitoring, accident investigation and damage control as well. What is meant by this is, there's going to be a big decrease in terms of insurance and accident costs. Get ISO 13485 courses here!


Number 3. Demonstrate the commitment and devotion of the firm - now in this one, it shows that the company wants to be one of the leaders in regards to having the most effective policy for health and safety. Companies that showed they are prioritizing health and safety indicates that they are valuing their employees by doing serious efforts in protecting them from the hazards and risks related to their work.


Number 4. Improve investor satisfaction and public image - by being able to have safety policies in place that are compliant to OHSAS standard, it almost instantly prove that the company is credible among clients and partners. We all know that even just a minor mistake in dealing with safety practices is more than enough in affecting the brand and image of the company in the market, so what more if it is a serious one. For further details about health and safety, check out this website at


These are just few of the reasons why it is imperative to be OHSAS 18001 certified.